Another Day, Another Scandal

(published July 31, 2020) Another day, another scandal involving an executive who is said to have engaged in sexist, homophobic, racist behavior.

Today’s story has all the usual elements—a bad boy whose maturation appears to have stopped in the frat house, traumatized staff afraid of retaliation, and a corporation expressing shock that such things could have […]

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Part 1: That moment when you realize…

…you have a dick manager.

You’re in a staff meeting with your management team peers and things seem to be going just fine when suddenly your boss turns to you and says something really ugly. It could be telling you your idea sucks. It could be dumping on the way you manage your team. It will […]

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How to Get Promoted to Management

This will make no sense but it’s the way it is, so here we go.

To be promoted to manager—an incredibly important role in any business and one that is highly influential in the success of the company—don’t take management training classes or read books about management or try to learn about the qualities of successful […]

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You Need to Show Some Respect

Who wants a weak manager for a boss? Who believes a weak manager will step up and do the right thing when the going gets tough? Who thinks a weak manager is capable of looking out for the team and really having employees’ backs?

The answer, of course, is nobody. Nobody wants to work for a […]

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