Management Training? Or Training for Managers?

For several years I worked for a giant, multi-national company. During that time, I was fortunate to see firsthand how the company worked to instill its values in employees all over the world across a number of industries. They wanted everyone to share a fundamental understanding of good governance and personal integrity. So, the company […]

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How to Get Promoted to Management

This will make no sense but it’s the way it is, so here we go.

To be promoted to manager—an incredibly important role in any business and one that is highly influential in the success of the company—don’t take management training classes or read books about management or try to learn about the qualities of successful […]

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You Need to Show Some Respect

Who wants a weak manager for a boss? Who believes a weak manager will step up and do the right thing when the going gets tough? Who thinks a weak manager is capable of looking out for the team and really having employees’ backs?

The answer, of course, is nobody. Nobody wants to work for a […]

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Fear Not

When a team respects their manager, the work is better, the environment is more productive and there are fewer distractions, like dealing with HR issues and petty personal conflicts. So why do so many managers cling to the old-fashioned notion that employees should fear them rather than work to earn the respect of their teams?

Just […]

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